A Pagan Woodland ?

We've been thinking over the past few years about looking into the purchase of a woodland somewhere in England, or possibly Wales for the sole purpose of setting it up for the exclusive use of the pagan community.

So the first step is to find likeminded souls who can offer advice expertise etc to make sure we set everything up legally and in such a way that it can be held in perpetuity to ensure it's continued use for the community.

Could it have a sacred space made by bonding tree brabnches together, so you build a modern stone circle in the middle by creating a grove ? Would it have temporary huts or yurts ? Who would manage it ? and could you use it for annual gatherings to celebrate the seasons.

there are other, obvious, uses such as coppicing and regular woodland maintence, such as clearing old trees and replanting so how would we fund it ?

So the next stage is to ask people reading this to get in touch if you have any ideas of how we get from the dream stage to reality.