About Us :

A brief outline of our background and ethics


So the obvious place to start is to state that I am pagan pretty obviously really, given the number of Greenmen paintings on this site. As to background I am an ex-London creative director and illustrator. Having worked for most of the large advertising agency's and creative houses then moving on to web design I finally picked up my brushes again after a break of nearly 20 years to create what I see as the modern face of the Greenman.

The Mission

The main mission here is to support the Goddess Foundation which is run by my beautiful wife Annabell Alexander who also happens to be the founder. The Goddess Foundation is a charitable group, that due to its focus on the Goddess and female empowerment cannot look for conventional funding. So my aim is to paint as many faces of the Greenman as possible to sell to raise money and hopefully cover the costs of paint and canvas in the process.

To find out what exactly the Goddess Foundation does please point your browser to www.goddess.foundation - it's well worth a look

Why Choose Us

There are lots of artists around who paint greenmen, but hopefully the wide range of styles means you'll find something you like in the range, if not why not commission a painting specially. It won't cost as much as you might think.