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Pagan Village is a showcase of talent and innovation, as well as a valuable source guide for what's happening in England. Currently under construction but being worked every few days. We aim to build this site as quickly as possible. So make sure you bookmark us and keep coming back to see what's changed. Contact us to include your events and moots it's all provided free of charge

To read more about our ancient yew trees, either click the following link or use the site navigation on the features button. The listing shown on this site was compliled by Janis Fry, author of 'The God Tree', published by Capall Bann.

We're currently adding a directory of monthly events which will include Moots and other regular pagan activities and groups

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We have now started to accept readers contributions on these pages. However, the editors do not necessarily agree with the content or theories offered and are here for discussion

2018 Pagan Events

A free listing of all that's pagan across the UK. Please email us images and information and we will try to add it all within 24 hours. Unlike many sites we keep our listings up to date and information is removed as soon as each event is over. Please ensure that you keep us informed if you change dates or venues as quickly as possible or if for any reason you have to cancel.


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We will be adding new features over the next few months, If you would like your editorial included here please contact us with your direct email address. We are also offering pagan groups and individuals running their own businesses the following

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