The 8th Annual Greenman Walk will be held on Sunday 17th June 2018 and departs from the grassland area to the left of the Whiteways Cafe ( assuminbg you are standing looking towards it ) Houghton Woodlands is north of Arundel on the A29 . The walk starts 2pm and should take you no more than 2 hours from start to finish. But this year there is a new twist.

Rather than just walk in a circular pathway around the more native woodlands, we'll have hidden numerous green men items around the area. These might include some of the new plaques CK has been working on during the past couple of years and yes - there will be at least one original painting up for grabs.

The Cost ? Nothing but donations to the Goddess Foundation kitty welcome. Please bring food to share and join in after the walk for a good natter. Good walking boots recommended.

The map below shows the carpark area just off the A29 at Whiteways cafe and car park. As you look towards the cafe, you'll find the Greenman team on the grassland area to the left through the height restriction gateway. You can drive down rather than parking in the concreted area.