Greenman Art

After a break from painting of twenty years, 'CK' took up his brushes again at the ripe old age of 55 to begin a new career painting Greenmen. Some of the results of this new energy can be seen below.


Greenman: Arthur
One of the earliest images created by CK. Arthur is the fleeting face in the trees, that you just glimpse out of the corner of your eye, but when you look again it's gone.

The Autumn King

Greenman: The Autumn King
Autumn colouring showing the old kings demise after the turning of the seasons at Summer Solstce


The artist 'CK' was born to working class parents in Slough in 1952 and from an early age was capable of drawing birds and animals. Living close to the outskirts of the town meant he had access to wide swathes of countryside running up to the famous Black Park Nature Reserve and his connection to the world of myths was already being established. A carear in advertising took him all over the world for nearly 15 years until the age of 35 when he re-married and settled down to life in Sussex.

A change in religious views in his early twenties and his travel with the advertising industry gave him an opporunity to see places many of us only dream of visiting and excursions into jungles and wilderness areas brought him in to drect contact with native peoples around the world who, all must have, had some influence on his spirituality. Recent work has included mythological characters such as phoenix's, unicorns and dragons, some of whch we may include here at a later date.

In the meatime please take a while looking through the following images.

You can find more images on the artists Pinterest page by clickingt on the logo below

CK on Pinterest

The Crowned King

Greenman: The Crowned King
A slightly controversial image of the greenman wearing a crown of thorns.

Dreams of Excalibur

Greenman: Dreams of Excalibur
A watercolour image of excalibur and the greenman at the base. Our illustration here doesn't really do this justice.

English Prophet

Greenman: English Prophet
A protest against the destruction of trees around the world. You can almost hear this character shouting. Those in the know will also see this as Greg of the Pentacle Drummers.

Greenman behind the poppies

Greenman: Greenman behind the poppies
One of the fastest selling prints produced by the artist. Alongside The Owl and the Greenman this outsells all of the other images.

The Kiss of Spring

Greenman: The Kiss of Spring
A section of the illustration Kiss of Spring that appeared on the back page of Pagan Dawn on their Beltane issue.

Owl and the Greenman

Greenman: Owl and the Greenman
Whilst the original image of this painting sold a long time ago, Greeting Cards and prints are still available from the limited print runs.

Pentacled Greenman

Greenman: Pentacled Greenman
A complete charge of style and mediums for this Greenman based on the Pentacle Drummers of Eastbourne.

Pentagram Greenman

Greenman: The Kiss of Spring
This original painting was produced on reclaimed mdf board as part of an idea to recycled old materials.

Rhiannans Guardian

Greenman: Rhiannans Guardian
Rhiannan's Guardian is owned by the Coughlin family based in Spain.

Spring Walk

Greenman: Spring Walk
A section from a very large format painting currently on display at Chi Coffee, North End in Portsmouth.

Woodland Guardian

Greenman: The Woodland Guardian
A large format painting currently on display at Chi Coffee in North End, Portsmouth. Well worth a visit just to see this magnificent image or to buy it. At just £300 we think this is well worth the money.

Yew Tree King

Greenman: Yew Tree King
A large 40cm x 30cm canvas of the Yew Tree showing Rhiannan's Guardian in the background.