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Pagan Village Events


Everything from festivals to outdoor gatherings, fairy fairs to viking gatherings as well as conferences and seasonal celebrations.

Welcome to our diary pages for 2024


These pages provide a free listing for all pagan events, moots and gatherings across the United Kingdom.

You'll find everything from fairy festivals to vikings and virtually everything in between. As long as it is pagan it's included.

This, however, will never be a complete listing of everything that takes place. Many of the events listed have been found from extensive searches across social media and the internet and wilth only two of us running the site, there is a limit to the amount of time we can spend when it doesn't generate an income.

So if you like the ethos of this site and want to help keep it up to date, please let us know of any pagan events or gatherings in your area, that we have missed. Together we can build our Pagan Village website into a national community of like minded souls - all supporting each other.