Cerne Abbas Giant

A submitted article about one mans muses at the giants feet

No prizes for guessing where l am!.

Cerne Abbas Giant

And thanks to the knowledge and help of two women who are both author's and witches l can now reveal to you the true identity of the Cerne Abbas Giant. After so many people...the Dorset council, the British Museum, William Stukeley at the Society of Antiquaries in 1764 and even Julian Cope, who even suggested that "Mr Big Dick may have even been a Prehistoric Ronald McDonald carved in chalk as a logo when the religion was at an all time low and needed a boost. Sorry, but they have all got it wrong- and laughingly so too!!, claiming the giant to be Hercules or Helith, Oliver Cromwell and even Baal!. And the dating is out by quite a few millenia too!. Some claim that he was carved by the Romans about 1,500 years ago (Dorset councils dating, not mine) and if we go with the Oliver Cromwell pisstake theory, that puts it at just under 400 years old. Silly. No. The Cerne Abbas Giant is none other than GOGMAGOG the Holly King or God. And now l will present my case and tell you how and why l now know his true identity. In her book 'Tree Wisdom' Jacqueline Memory Paterson writes:-" The earliest myths of Britain tell of a guardian giant called Gogmagog a CLUB-BEARING wildman, hairy and leaf-clad (which predates the Greenman.)

Who epitimized INSTINCTIVE NATURE (hence the erect penis), And the primeval wildness and untamable strengh of the forest depths. In later days reverence of the natural world and the recognition of deities connected to its life-cycles became the foundation of the religion we now call DRUIDISM" So, now let us take a closer look at his age now that we know that he predates Druidism. For this we go back about 5.000 years BCE, when worship of 'The Goddess' and co-operation between the sexes was still in vogue. I must call to the wittness box my next witch Anodea Judith, who in her book 'The Truth about Neo-Paganism' writes:- This intricate environmental web (on our Planet Earth) was a deity to be worshiped and honored. Because it brought food in the way that women brought forth life. The Divine was worshiped as FEMININE. Today we think of her as Mother Earth or Mother Nature, for she was the universal mother to us all". Etc etc. Then Anodea go's on to say.;- "This peacefull period began to erode around 5.000 BCE with the invasion of PATRIARCHAL nomadic tribes, profoundly changing the course of HIStory of what we now consider the western world.

As Aryans in lndia, Hittites and Mittani in the Fertile Crescent, Luwians in Anatolia, Kurgans in eastern europe, Achaeans and later Dorians in Greece, gradually they imposed their ideologies and ways of life on the lands and people they conquered. The invaders, which also included the Hebrews-(possibly or more likely 'Zionists)(me), brought with them their patriarchal gods of war. The peaceful birth-giving Earth Goddess was supplanted by the domination of fearful "creator" sky gods who demanded obeisance from the conquered people". And so came male dominace, male violence and a hierarchic and authoritarian social structure and their acquisition of wealth was based on technologies of destruction and greed. Oh my! How little has changed.

So where as all of the above is a relatively new therory, concept, idea to me, it dosen't mean to say that l have moved away from my original "l am man. I can f--k and l can kill" idea or to put it a tad more eloquently, l (man) can impregnate and l can destroy. If anything it reinforces my new train of thought rather than anything else. What do you think!??.

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