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A no dig chemical free experience that produces vegetables and fruit throughout the year

No dig


We owe a lot to Charles Dowding, who has pioneered no dig gardening in the UK for some considerable time. And yet we despite having the plots for nearly ten years we are still homing our skills and developing new ideas ready for the following spring

We aim to provide updates on our progress throughout 2024 and hope that we inspire more people to take up growing their own food. You can start with window boxes inside a small flat or just outside the door. Or be brave and put your name down for your own allotment, though you might end up on a waiting lost for several years. The wait is worth it just to taste the freshness of home grown food.

We don't use Roundup or any other chemicals to kill weeds nor do we need chemical bug sprays that kill everything from the bees to the pests. This past year we have counted so many small solitary bees and bumble bees hovering around our lavender bushes and herb gardens, not to mention a host of butterflies and moths that enjoy the nectar.

So please watch this space to see what we get up to in the year ahead.

Allotment Life 2024