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Wakefield Moot

Wakefield Moot

We have just moved to a new venue and date.It is currently held on the 1st Sunday of the month from 1:30pm at The Polka Hop pub,George Street,Wakefield.

The moot was founded in October 1988 by myself who is still running it and is now on it's 7th pub in 33 years.
Free to all it is a social moot with occasional free talks acting as an information point.

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The Ravens Rest Moot

The Ravens Rest Moot

We meet 1st Monday of the month at Fernandes Brewery Tap,Avison Yard ,Wakefield from 7:45 pm.

It has just started again but under restrictions.

Further details are listed under West Yorkshire Pagan Meetup website.
Newcomers are always welcome.!

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