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Yorkshire Gardnerian

Yorkshire Gardnerian

The Danum Coven has a multi-disciplinary practice, working collective co-operative magick as part of the Gardnerian Tradition in pursuit of Gnothi seauton - “know thyself” to become the Knower, which is the truth of inner self, awakening within us.


Our coven is open to applications from all experienced and established Witches, and occult practitioners, that seek initiation into the Gardnerian Tradition and join us as a Probationer and start their year and a day. We no longer offer any educational experiences or study groups, but work with each probationer on a one-to-one basis, to be given guidance and documentation, to undertake various forms of self-directed study and work to complement their acclimation and introduction to the working practices of the coven's co-operative collective practice.

Please get in contact at for applications.

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Regretably all the other moots we previously listed for Sheffield and Thorne appear to have ceased meeting