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Glastonbury Moot

My wife and I (Stephen & Sandra Cole) run Glastonbury Pagan Moot; it was handed to us by our local Pagan Federation reps after they moved away.

Glastonbury is a town whose residents identified with more than 70 different faiths in the last census, and we want to celebrate and welcome them all. We meet once a month, on the first Wednesday of the month, informally in a local pub: the Mitre Inn. We have a short talk, discussion or workshop introducing us to one of Glastonbury's many diverse spiritual practices, such as Tarot or Runes, Norse traditions or Fairy sightings. We have so much local talent we rarely have to bring in a guest speaker, although we have had the privilege of hearing Ronald Hutton, professor of history at Bristol University and expert on native British traditions, among other distinguished visitors in the past. This is followed by our Bardic Space. Glastonbury is home to a Bardic School and we invite singers, storytellers, poets and performers to bring their gifts to us every month to close our moot. Glastonbury's most prevalent faiths are Wicca and Druidry, so when the date of the moot coincides with sabbats of their ssasonal cycle - such as Beltane or Samhain - we celebrate them together. We are allied with the Pagan Federation, so on the other months of the year we try and match our theme to what issues they are currently highlighting or focussing on. For more info or to take part, visit our website or facebook page:

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