Northumberland Moots

Northumbria Pagans

Northumbria Pagans

A group for like minded people. We hope to discuss our beliefs. To share knowledge from our paths. Also to meet for social gatherings.

We aim to network with local moots, workshops and open rituals in the northeast.

This group was created by pagans, for pagans... No matter your polytheistic or spiritual journey, you are most welcome here.

For more information PM Admins Gordon or Lorraine. on the Facebook page. Alternatively, email :

*Moots in Northumberland:
Corbridge 1st Saturday of the month.
Blyth - 4th Saturday of the month.
(currently on hold)
Morpeth and Alnwick TBC.

*Moots are not running during restrictions due to covid19 and locations are effectively TBC

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