Greater Manchester moots

Gorton Pagan Moot

Gorton Pagan Moot

Gorton Pagan Moot is a gift to the whole community from those Gorton folk who appreciate that we all:
* Benefit from connection to nature
* Thrive when connected to each other
* Grow wise when we honour our ancestors
* Bloom when we consider those not yet born
* Find abundance when we respect the earth

Together we will ...
* Celebrate the solstices
* Explore strength and healing
* Organise community events and workshops
* Nurture rites of passage

We will also meet in local venues from time to time and share our discoveries of walking our journeys.
Welcome and well met

)O( The Manchester Wicca Meetup Group

The Manchester Wicca Meetup Group is a group for Wiccans in the Manchester area.

This group has been established by the Order of the Horse and the Moon.

This group has been set up to facilitate access to initiatory coven Wicca for those living in the North West of England

Stockport Pagan Moot

Stockport Pagan Moot

Stockport Pagan Moot is a friendly informal, social group that welcomes Pagans of all paths. We also welcome anyone interested in learning more about Paganism. Everyone is welcome.

We currently meet once a month on the second Monday of every month in the Wellington 59-61 Wellington Rd S, Stockport SK1 3RU at 8pm.

Our moot is for everyone, no matter what path you follow or how long you have considered yourself a Pagan. Whether you practice alone or as part of a Coven, come along and meet like-minded local people.

Most months feature a guest speaker, we Occasionally have a social evening, where anyone can put questions to the group on any Pagan related matter and every December we run a Pagan Quiz Night.

There is no fee to join the Moot or to come along on the night. Most of our Guest Speakers are free, although we do have a few Guests who travel from afar and although most do not charge for their talks, in these circumstances we usually ask for a small donation from everyone to go towards their Petrol Expenses.

While everyone is welcome to join the Moot Facebook Page, please note that any person posting repeated spam, inappropriate posts or more importantly, any personal attacks on any individual or group will be banned permanently and with immediate effect.

The organisers also reserve the right to remove any posts that are deemed unsuitable for our page.

Please feel free to join in the discussions on this page and if you have anything you would like to advertise, please message Beki before posting.

Please do not post political articles, as this could upset other members of the group who may not share the same opinion.