Dyfed Moots


Aberystwyth Pagan Moot

Aberystwyth Pagan Moot

1st Thursday in the Month
Whilst the Moot is establishing itself, the venue moves around. Please visit our facebook page for details

So, our SECOND Moot, will be at The Castle Hotel Aberystwyth, South Road, Aberystwyth, Dyfed, Aberystwyth, SY23 1JW.
5th March 2020.
7.00pm to around 10pm (early night so folks can get home, but I don't mind later if folks fancy a longer evening out)

We are trying The Castle just as an alternative to The Starling Cloud which our first moot was at, to see what we fancy. Another night we might all go for a meal to a restaurant.

The idea is to be flexible and interesting.

Parking is fairly ok around that area, persevere with it, as I say we are testing it out only.

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