Buckinghamshire Moots

Chiltern Hills Area

Chiltern Hills Area

We will be meeting monthly in cosy village pubs around the Chilterns.

Welcome. We meet in cosy village pubs around the Chilterns, usually on the first Wednesday of the month, and occasionally we host family friendly gatherings, like weekend picnics or coffee mornings.

Free entry.

We welcome everyone who comes with an open mind and wishes to connect with fellow pagans, wherever you are on your own journey.

Our moot is a social gathering, we all come from different pagan paths, and are free to speak our own truth, without judgement.

All details can be found on our Chiltern Nomadic Pagan Moot Facebook group or please email for more information.

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Princess Risborough

Princess Risborough

We are a seed Group for any and all Bards, Ovates and Druids in Princess Risborough on the first Thursday of the month. Each month we have a OBOD topic that we focus our discussions while enjoying a refreshing drink at a small local pub.

Please join us at the Whiteleaf cross pub, Princess Risborough at 6.30pm.

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