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The aim of this website is to provide as much information as possible to the Pagan community within the UK. This new design allows us to include far more information than was previously possible and we are currently looking for editorial from writers explaining the different paths associated with paganism.

Pagan Village has always been a valuable source guide for what's happening in the pagan world as far as Moots and events have been concerned, but the aim now is to increase the editorial with all things pagan. So please if you are a budding author, or simply have something you would like to share get in touch using our contact page.

We're not planning on re-writing paganism. There are so many authors and historians around the country who have far greater knowledge than we do, but as far as we can see no one site exists that links to all of the various paths and beliefs covered by the term "Pagan" which is what we aim to provide.

Our pages are updated weekly and links change as and when we gather new information so make sure you bookmark us and keep coming back to see what's changed.

Contact us to include your events and moots it's all provided free of charge

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We will be adding new features over the next few months, If you would like your editorial included here please contact us with your direct email address.

We are also offering pagan groups and individuals running their own businesses the following

  • Free web hosting on a sub domain basis
  • Help and Advice to get yourself on line
  • Free templates
  • Highly competitive design rates