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We list all pagan events across the UK

Just email the details and we will usually add them within 24 hours.

We operate the site for both organisers of events and the visiting public. We also know that many stall holders rely on these page to plan their year and decide which events to support.

Help us to help you by staying in touch with us as we build a strong pagan community

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You don't have to list yourself here but unlike Facebook your information stays online on the diary pages until the day after your event.

  • Constantly updated pages
  • Diary listings
  • Free to use

Please help us

We have been running this facility since 2009 completely free of charge. However costs of hosting and electricty etc, as you know, costs more and more each year, so if you can help with a donation towards our costs, it would be greatly appreciated

We've been asked for a section on workshops

New this year and part of our re-design

We operate the site to promote pagan events and moots, but with the costs of hosting which seem to be increasing year after year, we are adding workshops on the diary page section but need to make a small charge.

However the charge for inclusion is just £10 per entry, which is nothing when you consider how much advertising can cost in the local newspapers

Simply send us the information you want included and we will send you an invoice which can be paid by paypal to contact@pagan-village.co.uk

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We're also offering traders and esoteric/pagan shops a chance to advertise on the site with strategically placed banner adverts for just £50.00 per annum. We don't want the site to be covered with adverts so this facility will be limited to a small number of traders and esoteric shops and featured on the moots section of the site where you can promote your business to the local communities.

  • Free artwork
  • Links to your own site
  • All entries include email and phone numbers

We've been around for so many years !

Pagan Village is now ten years old.

about Pagan Vilage
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In all that time we have provided a free listing facility to everyone who runs a pagan moot, event or festival. Some of you will know us personally as we are often out and about with our own stall selling Green Man art, plaques and prints

We started this site because we, like many of the other stallholders, were fed up trying to find events on social media where information ends up miles down the page within minutes of being posted.

On Pagan Village the events are listed on a diary facility and they stay visible until the day after the event. So if you are plannng events let us know as soon as possible.

And don't forget to spread the word. Lets make this a community !

Do get in touch if you find we have missed any events and we'll do our best to add them as quickly as possible

If you have any questions or need help, feel free to contact us by email, or you can call us on 07547 157 663

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